Hi Trent & Cheryl Thank you very much for the High-Country Elk Hunt, 2017 My son and I really enjoyed it, a true lifetime experience, both harvesting a Bull Elk. First Class Operation, from Trent & Cheryl to Rob, our Guide and to Tommy, the Cook Hope to see you in the future – Thanks for the Great Memories Highly Recommended Steve & Brandon Beachy


Colorado Elk Hunt 2017


Hello Trent and Cheryl,
     Just a quick note to thank you all for the awesome time you guys provided on our mule deer hunt.  Your guys run a great outfit and made our trip the
best.  Cody, Brent, Brian, Rob and Deb busted their butts and we thank you all. You and your team work hard and it was greatly appreciated.  We are already talking about coming back in the near future.  I hope you can use some of the pics for your website, that way we get some more bragging rights..lol.  On behalf of myself, Ken, Brock and JJ, thanks again, we had an absolute blast.  Take care and God Bless.
                                   Keith Miller





Silver Spur Outfitters                                                                                    10/3/2013


After a lot of research I set up an archery hunt with Silver Spur Outfitters of Western Colorado.  I had talked with several references who had hunted with them in the past and got nothing but outstanding reviews and comments like “I am going back again this year so what more can I say” this was extremely important in my decision making process since I had a poor experience with an outfitter in Colorado a couple of years prior to this hunt.

I hit the jackpot with Silver Spur Outfitters.  This is a first class operation with the hardest working, honest and nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  The hunting country was “Classic Colorado High Country” in my opinion.  The Guide, Rob and packer Tommy were a perfect fit for my hunting partner and I, we could not have gotten along better.  They both worked their tails off for us and made us feel very welcomed and appreciated during our entire stay.

The hunt itself was the best archery hunting experience of my life to date.  The sound of several bulls bugling around me at the same time on several occasions will forever be etched in my mind.  The combination of high elk numbers, beautiful country, outstanding people and top notch accommodations makes Silver Spur Outfitters stand out as one of the best in Colorado.

Thank you, Trent, Cheryl and staff for an unforgettable Colorado experience.

Best regards,

Robert Reiten



I really enjoyed high country camp hunt.Guides n Tommy ,the camp hand were really awesome.Silver Spur Outfitters provided a great experience.Saw bear,mule deer,and some nice elk.PS.the food was great.... Bobby B.

Bobby's Archery Bull

I have been blessed to hunt all over this Great County we live in & one of my favorite states hands down is Colorado! Having hunted with many outfitters over the last twenty years I have learned (through trial & error) what to look for when visiting somewhere new.....

All of our individual preferences vary but yet revolve around the same three or four questions:

Do they have the quality of animal I'm after? 

Am I going to get "personal attention" or be that guy in camp who's feels like he is there to fill a slot....

How successful has the outfitter been in the past & how long have they been in business?

What type of accommodations/food should I expect?

For Colorado, I've found a place that meet's & exceeds what I look for in an exceptional outfitter! Trent & Cheryl Snyder own & operate Silver Spur Outfitters just outside Silt,Co. these two are as dedicated as any outfitter you'll find!  They run a first class operation that can handle your hunt from beginning to end, whether it's a High Country drop camp hunt or a stay at the Famous Triple J, you will not be disappointed ! Having hunted with this duo since 2006 I can truly say that they give 110% when it comes to making your trip a success.....have I harvested an animal on every trip....NO.....but I can say it was not due to lack of effort from the Snyder's & their seasoned guides! The areas they hunt are extremely unique in that you can chase Elk on the Mountain tops in the mornings but yet have the luxury to be dropped of just steps from a blind over looking a water hole or game trail for that same evenings hunt!  Not only does this outfit know the areas they hunt but they know the game just as well, we all know it's easy for an outfitter to post pictures of only the best animals they have harvested while in business which in turn leads potential clients to expect something that is not the norm. These guy's are producing above average animals year after year..... whether you're looking for your first Elk or a 200" Mule Deer they will make very effort to ensure your trip is a success, top that with great food ( figure on gaining 5-10 pounds @ the Triple J) & excellent accommodations >>> well on my report card they get an A+!!

Chris Ramsey



Chris Ramsey

Trent and Cheryl,

A quick note of thanks for the hunt this past week.  It was a great time and great adventure.  The high country camp was a unique experience and exceeded my expectations as to what a Colorado elk hunt should be.  Despite some tough weather throughout the week, Rocky did a great job keeping us moving to try different locations and approaches and tailoring his tactics to the situation (I would note that I tried hard to prepare for the hunt physically as you suggested, and felt that it significantly increased my ability to enjoy the experience).  Joe was also great in camp. I have attached a couple of pictures, and Rocky has the rest as well if interested.  Thanks again, and I hope to come out for the archery season sometime.


Joel Becker

Joel BeckerJoel Becker


I wanted to thank you and Trent for a great 2010 hunt. I was impressed by how the staff at Silver Spur Outfitters worked to make sure we had a great hunt. I was extremely pleased with how hard your guides worked to get us our animals. I would be pleased to give Silver Spur Outfitters a great reference to any hunter looking for a hunt. I could not believe how many Deer and Elk we saw on this hunt. Please tell Rebecca thank you for all of the wonderful food. Please feel free to give out my number for anyone that needs to talk about your operations.

Thomas Baker
President VisiCom IT Services

Thomas Baker

Trent, Cheryl and Crew,

Just wanted to let you know that we all had a great hunting experience while we were there. I appreciate you letting us come to hunt on your property, what a blast being amongst all the deer. I have excellent whitetail hunting right out my back door but the mulies were quite fun. Lots of excitement every day. Thanks again, we have been passing on the time we had on to all our hunting buddies already

Steve Boyer

I had a great hunt at the Triple J and enjoyed spending time with everyone. I want to confirm that Trent received the $500 guide tip I left with the cook. Trent guided me two days as well as Joe for two days. I left $100 for the cook. I also would like contact information for the other hunters at the camp. Ask Trent to send me photos of my elk. I was very impressed at how hard the guides work to ensure we all had a successful hunt. It is an unusual hunt when all hunters fill their tags.

Regards to all,

Cheryl, Everett Tribble and I had a great time. We filled both of our tags. Please let Trent know that Tommy, Eric, Rick, and Rocky worked very hard for us. We are very pleased. Thanks for a great hunt. Hope your girls are doing fine.

Eli F. Beasley

Trent and Cheryl,

Just got your video and it was awesome!! Thanks again for my hunt last year. Even though I didn't get a deer, I had a great time and so did my dad. It was probably the last hunt he and I will be able to go on together so Silver Spur Outfitters will hold a special place in our hearts forever. I probably won't be able to make it this year because of the economy but I look forward to hunting again with you in the near future. Good luck in 2009!

Best Regards,

Bill and J.D. Wilson

Hey, I just wanted to thank ya'll for every thing. I had a great time and it was a "once in a lifetime" event for me, and I loved it. So thanks again and here are a couple of pics of the animals that I was able to harvest.

Jay Peavy
Jay PeavyJay PeavyJay PeavyJay Peavy


Once again I would like to thank you for your generous donations to the North Texas Chapter of Safari Club International in donating a Colorado Mule Deer Hunt. This Hunting opportunity exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled to have taken this incredible first time mule deer for myself. All the success would not have been possible without the lands you have access to and your guides being so knowledgeable about the animals and land they hunt. I had the privilege of hunting with Rocky Ranman he never quit and had great willingness to put the hours in the field. We spent 12-14 hours a day covering Thousands of acres of land walked miles up and down hills and drove all over the Bookcliff Mountains. I cannot say enough about Rocky's knowledge character and poise he was a fine young man and a 1st class guide.

I would like to thank you for allowing my father to come along and share in this experience. Having the opportunity to cover such beautiful land, witness such beautiful vistas and see abundance of game kept us going the entire time. I had shooting opportunities every day at good bucks and my father and I both would have been happy tagging a deer or not. Just having the opportunity to create such memories between a father and son we will never forget. This guy I'm holding below was defiantly the cheery on top. Thanks again to Silver Spur Outfitters for making my Colorado Dream of a Mulley come true.

I hope to have the privilege to hunt with Silver Spur Outfitters again and will recommend to everyone I know looking for a great Colorado experience to check you guys out.

I was very fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to hunt Colorado for the 1st time and took this great representation of a Colorado Mule Deer.

Justin Jenson

Justin JensonJustin Jenson

Hi Cheryl, and Trent,

Attached are a couple photos of my very successful second season hunt from the main lodge. I consider myself very fortunate to have taken a great Mulie and Elk on the same day! Cheryl thanks for taking me to River Bend and thanks to Rob for taking me to Gallagher. My guide Gary was great and we got along exceptionally well as was the case with all the staff in camp. I have been on many hunts all over the USA and Canada and you guys are definitely right up there with the best. Keep up the great work.

I really would like to do an archery hunt with you if space permits in 2010. Happy safe hunting the rest of 2009!
John Rozanski
Elizabethtown, PA

Hello Cheryl and Trent!!

We made it home without any problems. We hit a little bit of snow and ice in the mountains on the way home but nothing major. Rich and I had a GREAT time at camp and look forward to coming out again. Mary Lee was an excellent chef and we enjoyed everyone's company. Cody is a very nice guy and was a great guide. I have attached a fantastic picture of Rodger that I think you will get a kick out of. I had the best experience harvesting my first buck, let alone my first animal. It was very exciting to harvest him with Silver Spur Outfitters! I have attached some pictures of Ol' Stinky for you. Thank you again for an awesome hunting experience.

Thank you,
Marie and Rich Dietrich

Trent & Cheryl:

Attached are the pictures from the elk hunt from last week.  I wanted to thank you guys again for a great week.  My brother and I really enjoyed hanging out with Roger and Rob all week and definitely enjoyed the lodge and great country.  Mary Lee fed us like kings, we really appreciated her.  Everything was first class!

Thank you, I look forward to hunting with you guys in the future.

Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts

Trent & Cheryl:

Thanks for making a dream come true. I am very happy with my Elk and absolutely thrilled about the buck I took. You folks run a great outfitters service. I am glad that I watch your TV program last year when Arron (from BEST of The West) was hunting with you.

I matched up his gun with your service and it became a total WINNER.

I have become perplexed about my experience hunting with you. I tell every one about what a great hunt I had, but I also want to keep quiet about....since I hope to take a large 6x6 Elk next season........put my name on one will ya???

All kidding a side, I had a great time. Have a great holiday season, and I hope to see you both next year.  

Russ Thompson

Hey Trent, Cheryl

I'm going to put all the pictures on a disk and send them to ya'll. I cant tell you both what a great time I had. You are super people, I really appreciated the time that Trent spent with me and all that you did to make this one of the greatest experiences of my life, from the bottom of my heart thank you both! I will be in touch.

Keith Gaut

Sept. 27, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you...It was such a great hunt that words cannot describe my feelings. I have pictures on the way and also a DVD of the shot and the emotions that follow. Mike did such a great job with the video. You were right the third year was definitely the charm.  I had know idea that you meant
the charm of a lifetime.

Thanks again, 
Roy Leach

Michael Braden


Hats off to you and your crew! The best guides I've ever had.. also the best country too! Warmest Regards, Howie



Thanks for a great hunt! I probably still don't realize how good it really was, or how big my "TOAD" really is. It will be a challenge to top this- but I'll sure come back and try! You've got a great place and a great crew. We'll sure recommend you when anybody asks where to hunt. Thanks again! - Tim

Tim Newkirk